About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your donation for education will help fund our education-related programmes such as the following:

• Our existing schools and orphanages in Somalia, or new ones we will launch in other countries

• Our newer projects such as establishing vocational training centres in deprived areas

• Fund Qur’anic reading classes for those who cannot do so.

Your donations are automatically channelled to the most important cause we support at that time. However, you are welcome to instruct us to use your contribution towards a specific cause by emailing us on: allocate@GivingSadaqah.org.

We accept both Visa and Mastercard online for donations, and our payment processing system is managed by Sagepay.


Alternatively, you may set up a Direct Debit mandate with us, using the following link:


Commitment to Transparency

To meet both the legal and moral obligations of transparency, PDF files of our audited accounts are made available here. Please contact us if you would like to view older accounts.

Last five years of our audited accounts







Giving Options

Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

Give Education is the primary reason that Giving Sadaqah exists. However, we also have special appeals running all the time in parallel that could really benefit from your help. Please contact us to find out more

Give a One-Time Gift

A one-time gift, in particular, can benefit special projects such as digging a well, creating a microfinance instrument, buying equipment, furniture or fittings for our schools and mosques, etc. In particular, your annual zakat contribution can be used for such purposes to excellent effect.

Create a Local Fund

Please contact us if you know of or have a particular cause in mind that may benefit from our assistance. Areas that we cover are limited to educational and similar activities that empower local communities to stand on their own feet.

Volunteer with Us

We are always on the look-out for a helping hand. If you have skills as diverse as IT to gardening, and would like to used them to make a world a better place, please get in touch!

Sponsor a Program

Within the general remit of education, you may propose to us a program that you would like to sponsor. Alternatively, contact us to sponsor our special appeals that we have running round the year.

Start a Fund

Similar to sponsoring a program, you may propose to start a fund for a specific appeal to do with education, empowerment, or the general betterment of someone. Please note that such proposals are subject to legal audit before being approved.

With Cash

Please contact or visit us if you would like to make a cash donation. Please do not send any cash through postal services.

By cheque

All cheques should be made out to “Giving Sadaqah” and drawn on a UK bank.

Give Online

Please use the Online Payments link below to make an online donation using your credit or debit card.

Where to Give

Expanding to Other Countries Around the World

Giving Sadaqah now has a proven model that has been shown to work in Somalia. We are presently developing expansion plans, which will allow us to roll out similar programmes to other communities around the world who are in need of help as a result of distressful local conditions.

Ongoing Causes

The projects below are a continuation of our existing appeals. New ones will be posted here as and when we launch them.

Digging new wells 

Somalia is a water-stressed country. The weather is arid and dry round the year, and a large percentage of the population lives in rural areas. New wells are always needed, and make tremendous difference to the livelihood of humans and animals


$15,000 Urgently Needed

Microfinance interest-free Loans

We presently have four widows on our waiting list who need microfinance loans in order to be able to support their children.

$4000 Urgently Needed